Sustainable Food and Sustainable therapy.

The theme of The World Food Day, which is celebrated on 16th October all over the globe is ‘Food Safety, Everyone’s Business’ for 2020. The theme aims to highlight the shared responsibility we all have towards the safety of food, starting from its production on the farm until it reaches our plates. 

Sustainable eating involves selecting foods that are healthy for our bodies and the environment. This means we need to choose our foods wisely. The food which provides a balanced diet to us but also maintains the balance of the environment. These are foods grown and processed in a manner that does not harm the environment and they can meet the needs of future generations.

Our Moral responsibility for choosing the right food involves-

  • People need to follow the local diet.
  • Preference for homemade food over the processed and perishable food items.
  • Eat different types of foods.
  • A lot of people’s diet relies on a few types of dishes that limit the nutrients they can get from their food. 
  • You can easily get more nutrients by diversifying the foods you eat. Because of this diverse way of eating, there is less stress on the production of one particular type of food. 
  • This will help the economy and ecology of the respective countries globally.
  • Eat more plant-based foods. Today more people are opting for diets made up of plant-based foods such as nuts, beans, legumes, seeds and vegetables. 
  • Grow your food. When you grow your food, it will release more oxygen in the environment and also help to absorb some carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Growing some of your food helps to cut grocery related bills, and we can avoid consuming harmful chemicals which are added to crops during production and processing.
  • Avoid Wasting Food-I think this is the most important thing which we can do easily. Today approximately 30% of the food is wasted on an average from household purchases. This is a waste of resources and money. To reduce this wastage, everyone should carefully review the food requirements of the family and only buy the required quantity. 

When we are talking about sustainable food which nourishes and build our health, we can here speak about the therapy of medicine which is also sustainable therapy which is Homoeopathy. 

  • Homoeopathy is the non -toxic healing form of treatment.
  • It uses significantly less quantity of medicines for their preparation. The shelf life is good and so can be used for many days.
  • It stimulates the vital energy in person with minute doses and helps to feel rejuvenated and healthy.
  • Homoeopathy helps to maintain the economic and ecological balance as the resources are readily available, natural and are not expensive.

Humans have the highest form of consciousness among all the living creatures so we can decide about how we want to utilise the food resources available to us. This thoughtful action about food safety measures and their utilisation will impact the availability of the food resources for the future generation. This is a vital part of their health and growth. Good health is always natural, and we cannot artificially produce it. 

Sustainable food is always local, seasonal, traditional food. This leads to a diverse diet, and because of this various way of eating it keeps the balance of the global economy and ecology.

We should take this moral responsibility to take care of our health as well as the health of our economy and ecology by being aware and conscious of our choices towards food safety and avoiding unnecassary use of any kind of medicines.

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