Stress Management

Stress Awareness

I was just surfing around and saw that stress was the number one google search.

So it is indeed a very important topic to address.

If we are holding stress for long time without resolving, it will have drastic effects on body on all aspects.

The awareness about Stress Management help as a safety net for us and enhance the performance in different aspects of life.

Stress arises due to internal and external demands and it leads to the cycle of events which can be Physical, Emotional, Psychological.

Stress and Performance are related to each other. When more stress the performance is low, when low stress it leads to boredom.

Optimum amount of stress is needed for the best performance. This type of stress is called Eustress.

There are different types of Stress Management Strategies, Techniques.

For example:-

If we talk about Physical Stress there are  ways to resolve it like 

1 - Increasing your flexibility by different exercises.

2 - Increasing your endurance ( maximum pushing capacity) by doing cardio exercises.

3 - Diet management -Watch out for what you eat and how much you eat and how much really your body needs.

These are few measures.

Body takes 3 weeks to settle to any exercise, routine anything.

So listen what your body wants, don't ignore the warnings it gives us.

BE AWARE about your Stress and be Healthy and then you can enjoy the precious gift of LIFE. 

Snehal Sagane

Homoeopathic Wellness Consultant