Eczema – Skin Ailments


Today let's talk about something very important. We will talk about Skin Ailments specially Eczema.

Definition- Eczema - Skin Ailments  ( Atopic Dermatitis) - 

Eczema means Inflammation and Irritation of skin caused by different factors.

It is the hyperactive response of the body's immune system to the allergens.

Causes -

 1) Allergic conditions like Asthma ,Hay fever.

 2) Family heredity traits.

 3) Allergens as extreme cold weather, food, soaps, detergents.

Conventional Treatment 

  • Generally this tendency is controlled by application of ointments, creams, lotions, and some anti -allergic medicines.
  • In extreme cases steroid based creams and oral medicines are prescribed.

 Consequences -

  • Have we ever thought what kind of long term damage is done specially in kids when we use steroids ointments and specially oral medicine?
  • They give you temporary relief but suppress the body response.
  • When you take steroids based medicines it relieves your symptoms superficially but pushes the disease inside your body from the skin.
  • These medicines basically suppress your immune system.
  • It is very commonly observed that these cases of skin progress to more serious diseases like Asthma,Bronchitis, Autoimmune disorders which need life long treatment.

Health levels- 

  • Mental
  • Emotional
  • Physical.
  • Mental level is the deepest of all and Physical is the outer one.
  • If we don't suppress our physical complaints by excess n unnecessary use of medicines we will be saved at our Mental level which is the most important part of our health to be in Balance and Harmony. 


  • Few simple things which can really save lots of health issues to progress further.
  • When you are diagnosed with some skin conditions try not to apply any creams specially the steroid based
  • Try to find out the allergens causing it.
  • You can keep a diary and see what food or other agents are causing it.
  • Consult the physician when needed.
  • Try to use Natural ways of treatment before you start with steroids,anti -allergic medicines.

If we try to avoid use of unnecessary medicines and creams you can keep  your  immune system really strong.

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Disclaimer –

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