Corona – A Boon or a Curse

     I know this topic has been the most talked about and heard one. I feel this has been a boon and a curse too.

Let’s talk about Positives first.

  • We had to take a break and speculate about our life space which was lost in the daily hustle-bustle of life.
  • This gave us an excellent opportunity to differentiate between our wants and needs about every aspect of life.
  • We have learnt to value what we have and to preserve it.
  • The families have come together and spent quality time with each other.
  • This has helped to develop lovely bonds in relations.
  • We got plenty of time to ourselves so as to think and evaluate what we want in our lives and set our goals.
  • The flexibility offered for working from home gave extra time to take care of one’s health and diet.
  • As we were not allowed to go out or we were in compulsory lockdown we had to avoid unnecessary shopping which helped for saving money and use them for some other means.
  • For me, due to online schooling, I got an insight into the education method followed in my daughter’s school which initially I wasn’t aware of completely.
  • Nature got the time to breathe and heal itself over so many years of human interference.
  • People have become conscious about the diet and bad effects of more junk and outside food.
  • Animals were roaming around fearlessly as no humans to trouble them.
  • All over the world people just let go of all their worries and everyone was united for everyone.

The Negative impact of corona –

  • Many lost their loved ones to this deadly virus.
  • Many people were unable to travel and spend time with their parents, kids, loved ones which was a concern during the pandemic.
  • Many lost their jobs, had to face financial hardships due to unemployment.
  • It was a very difficult time for all kids to do homeschooling and be indoors which had an impact on their overall development.
  •  They had to let go of their precious childhood time. This had lots of emotional and physical effects on their bodies.

To conclude I would say-

We got time and space to  Reflect and Reconsider.

Respect our mother earth. Feel compassion and love for other people and animals around us. Let’s try to maintain the harmony of nature so we don’t have to face this kind of world crisis again.

I believe this Pandemic has one or the way helped everyone get a clear perspective about their lives and goals.

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