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Welcome to the Homoeopathy Wellness. Our approach to patient care values the importance of the patient-practitioner relationship.

Focuses on the whole person, is informed by evidence and integrates healthcare and disciplines, lifestyle and nutritional advice.



Diseases That Can Be Treated

Diseases that can be treated with Homoeopathic medicine belong to practically all aspects of medicine including women health, kids wellness, allergies, skin, respiratory problems etc.

Homoeopathy is the science based on SIMILIA SIMILIBUS CURENTUR

(Like Cures Like).

They act by strengthening your immune system. They act on emotional and psychological plane of the person. Homoeopathy can cure chronic diseases. Chronic diseases means the diseases which patients are suffering since long duration like Skin complaints, Respiratory problems, Allergies.

Homoeopathy includes minerals and plants based medicine.

Bach Flowers treatment and Tissue Salts is also part of Homoeopathy.